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Our restorative justice programs provide classes and workshops to the San Luis Obispo County to empower learning and positive community engagement for all.

  • Parolee Reentry Programs & Services

    When: On-going

    Restorative Partners’ Parolee Program provides a clinically structured and supportive environment for formerly incarcerated adults in need of reentry and recovery services. Restorative Partners’ Outpatient Treatment services are DHCS certified and serve all state- funded parolees. Clients participate in weekly group and individual counseling sessions with a certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor. Evaluation, treatment, and recovery services are provided to persons with substance use disorders. Services are designed to help clients achieve permanent change in their drug using behaviors and to address major lifestyle, attitudinal, and behavioral issues that undermine an individual’s ability to cope with life’s challenges. Assistance is given to realizing short- and long-term goals (e.g. employment, training, education, family reunification, 12-Step sponsorship, California Driver’s License, etc.). Clients will submit to random drug testing throughout the program.

  • LyonHeart Place

    When: On-going

    LyonHeart Place is the site of our State Parolee Reentry Housing Program. Two homes (Joseph House and Francis House) are situated in a peaceful country setting that provides a clinically structured and supportive environment for returning men that are in need of reentry and recovery services. Returning women have the same opportunities and services at our Hope House in Los Osos. We provide 24/7 supervision, transportation, 12-step meetings and book study, life skills training, mentorship, and outpatient treatment at our offices in SLO.

  • Anna's Home

    When: On-going

    Anna's Home is a supportive housing program in Paso Robles. Anna's Home provides five women and their children a safe and sober living environment, assist residents with the challenges of securing employment, managing a job and parenting, developing financial literacy and life skills, and acquiring permanent housing so the families may become self sufficient.

  • Reentry Recovery Homes

    When: On-going

    Restorative Partners has taken the next step in providing reentry services by assuming possession of two sober living residences in Los Osos, a nine bed home for women and an eight bed home for men. These homes will provide a safe environment for people recovering from addiction and transitioning back into our community. We create an environment which embodies restorative justice practices, supports a clean and sober lifestyle and offers programs (Mentoring, AA and NA) that focus on body, mind and spiritual transformation.

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  • Reentry Mentorship Program

    When: Weekly

    We match incarcerated, or the recently released adults, with volunteer mentors who engage in positive, pro-social activities and assist the mentee in their transition for one year.
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  • Community (AVP) Alternatives to Violence Workshops

    When: See events page

    Workshops encourage every person’s innate power to positively transform themselves and the world.

  • Mentor Training

    When: Monthly

    Mentor training and support will be provided in workshops addressing the needs and concerns of program participants.

  • (MRT) Moral Recognition Therapy

    When: On-going

    A systematic treatment strategy that seeks to decrease recidivism by increasing moral reasoning.

  • Speakers Forum

    When: See events page

    Mentees share their stories, road to recovery, and reentry challenges with audiences throughout the county.

  • (T4C) Thinking for a Change

    When: Weekly

    Evidence based cognitive behavioral training for men and women on Probation to help them develop life and problem solving skills.

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