Thinking for a Change (T4C) Graduation

August 02nd, 2016

Six women on the sixth day of the sixth month of 2016! The fortuitousness of these numbers felt exactly in line with the power the women expressed as they celebrated two months of truly difficult and admirable cognitive-behavioral self-change work.

T4C incorporates research from cognitive restructuring theory, social skills development, and the learning and use of problem solving skills. It is evidence-based--and for the groups we have held at the SLO County Jail and with probationers in our community we can say with confidence, felt experience and awe that it has the capacity to be seriously transformative.

The women in this most recent group at the Jail tackled life-long, ongoing, and day-to-day questions and habits that make up their individual suffering. They demonstrated unbelievable strength through their willingness to be vulnerable and their deep desire for change. We are honored to have worked alongside and graduated these six women.

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