Thinking for a Change at the Honor Farm

August 29th, 2015

Restorative Partners staff and volunteers, along with trained inside facilitators, began offering Thinking For a Change to inmates at the Men's Honor Farm in June. Thinking For a Change is an evidence-based program that helps inmates discover new ways of thinking, along as developing better social skills and problem solving skills. The program has been a great success. The men participating in the program have learned to recognize thoughts and beliefs that lead to undesirable consequences. They have also learned to replace old thoughts and beliefs with new ones in order to achieve more desirable outcomes. The class concludes in mid-September. Another workshop will launch somewhere else with another group of inmates soon.

We will be holding a training for facilitators Friday, October 9 - Sunday, October 11th. If you are interested in going through the facilitator training and facilitating a Thinking For a Change workshop, please contact Jason Sisk-Provencio at

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