AVP at Juvenile Hall

June 17th, 2015

From May 29-31, Restorative Partners hosted an AVP Basic workshop at Juvenile Hall. Alicia Nowicki, Bull Chaney, and Alex Sicaud facilitated the workshop, which included ten Juvenile Hall boys and two outside participants: Lacey Pringle-Haymons and Ali Zimmerman. This was the first Juvenile Hall workshop to include youth from all three units! Nine of the boys and both outside participants successfully completed the workshop and received graduation certificates. It was a challenging workshop, but the volunteers agreed that it was very worthwhile. Juvenile Hall Volunteer Coordinator Alex Sicaud said “it was probably the best workshop I’ve ever been a part of. I learned a lot from the boys and the environment they are used to. Even though I don’t condone violence as a solution to conflict, I can see how some kids learn violent strategies as opposed to non-violent alternatives.” Team Coordinator Alicia Nowicki said “this was a sharp group of young people who kept the facilitators on their toes. Their sharing was surprisingly honest and they were able to share with significant vulnerability." Thank you to all the volunteers that helped make this workshop possible, and thank you to the Juvenile Hall staff who collaborated with us and supervised the workshop! We are so grateful for the opportunity to offer this program to our youth, and we look forward to future workshops.

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